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       The wonderful Moroccan cuisine is not only inclusive to all the imported spices , it is more about sharing exceptional tagine dishes cooked slowly in earthenware tagine pots. After living in Paris where the names Paris and Couscous have always been inextricably linked, I worked in different Algerian and Moroccan restaurants, such as Royal Couscous or Chez Omar, where I learned the fluffing of the couscous, one of the attributes that make these berbere meals mythical. I've spent most of my time in US cooking all different cuisines (French, Moroccan, Greek, Italian etc..). From being a chef in a famous Italian restaurant " Cafe Sistina" in the sunny Honolulu in Hawaii,   I ended up opening a successful restaurant " Cafe De Vinci" in the freezing town of St Paul, Minnesota. Comparing all these cuisines, I can tell that Moroccan cuisine, beside being very rich and fabulous, is more about sharing. The tagine vessels release a magical and mythical atmosphere like Aladin lamp. The aroma would take me to the Atlas mountains where I was born and grew up. In my dreams, I would end up wandering in the magical souks filled with colorful displays and arresting aromas. 

Do you want to fulfill the same dream at an affordable price, comparing to what they are offering at restaurants? You'll realize how this food is perfect for any event: from a private event at home  to a corporate one at work.